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Any updates for this one? I love the driving and I wish I could see and do more. LMK if you are looking for another dev.

oh no!

We're very happy to see that people are still enjoying this !   :)


You definitely have the start of something. I'm looking forward your future games!

Its a great concept, but the openess makes it boring. This would be better with paved pathways, almost like a  rollercoaster with different paths the player can take, and the levels can be made of beautiful set pieces, instead of plain open deserts. Maybe mix up the environments with different maps?

Thanks for your feedback ! Those are really good ideas that we will definitely take into consideration for the next iteration. 


i am gonna play the game from all the comments and the gameplay downloading right now


My short Gameplay ;)

This is Awesome, thank you for making this Video ! Keep a  lookout for a Secret Area :D


It's fun, and i like the style of it! keep making cool stuff. <3

We will definitely continue to improve on our skills in order to make more awesome games for you guys! 

Thank you for playing DUST. 


I has a very cool athmosphere! I could go for a thousand mile to see all the world!

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Thank you so much for playing, We really appreciate it!